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Sundance HOA Governing Documents


Homeowners who live in a planned community such as the Sundance HOA community are subject to the rules and regulations of the managing homeowners association (HOA). These were drafted when the community was first built and founded. They include legal documents known as:

Articles of Incorporation

The Articles of Incorporation document was established when the community was first built and founded. This document is necessary to establish the Sundance HOA as a legal entity under state law.

Click here to view a pdf version of the Sundance_Articles_of_Incorporation.


The Sundance Bylaws establish how the HOA is to be managed, covering such issues as who can serve on its board of directors, meeting procedures, board and community member voting rights, board enforcement powers, manner of budget creation, and so on.

Click here to view a pdf version of the Sundance_By-Laws.


The Sundance CC&Rs will help you fully understand the terms of your ownership and your legal rights and financial and personal obligations.

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Rules and Regulations

The Sundance Rules and Regulation document is established by the board to set out day-to-day rules. The full text of the Sundance Rules and Regulation are provided below.
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Sundance Rules & Regulations….

Current document version: May 2011
Note that the Rules and Regulations are currently under revision and will be updated soon.


This booklet contains the Rules and Regulations which have been developed by the Board of Directors for residents of the Sundance community. They are in accord with the CC&Rs of the Sundance Homeowners' Association and are an effort to provide for a pleasant living environment and enhancement of property values for Sundance homeowners and residents. The Board of Directors has the responsibility to enforce the provisions of the governing documents of the Association.

A resident homeowner or renting tenant of a homeowner will hereinafter be referred to as "resident".

Your children and guests should be informed of these Rules and Regulations and their applicability to them as well. Residents are responsible for the behavior of their guests and agents!

The Rules and Regulations contained herein may be updated by the Board of Directors periodically. To remain fully informed, Sundance residents are encouraged to attend the monthly meeting of the Board of Directors and to read the monthly Newsletter.

Copies of the CC&Rs, By-Laws, Articles of Incorporation, Rules and Regulations and pool keys must be transferred from homeowner to homeowner upon transfer of the property, as required by California State law. A new homeowner who does not receive these items must get them from the Management Company. A fee will be charged for any later replacements of the documents or the pool keys.

Should a homeowner vacate their Sundance property to a tenant, or other resident, the homeowner shall provide the tenant or other resident with a copy of the CC&Rs of the Association as well as these Rules and Regulations, and shall transfer rights to the use of all Sundance recreational facilities to that tenant or resident.

It is the responsibility of all Sundance residents to read, understand, and abide by these Rules and Regulations as well as the CC&Rs of the Association. The Rules and Regulations of the Sundance Homeowners' Association will be maintained and published in the American English language. If it is necessary for the Rules and Regulations and the CC&Rs to be translated into another language to accomplish this understanding, it is the responsibility of the resident to do so.


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When a violation of the CC&Rs or Rules and Regulations is observed by another resident or a member of the Board of Directors, and is reported to either the Management Company or to the Board of Directors, a warning citation will be issued, in writing, to the homeowner. If the infraction continues to occur beyond the time established for correction, the homeowner will again be notified, in writing, of a possible penalty assessment for said lack of corrective action. The Homeowner will also be requested to attend a hearing to be held before the Board of Directors at which time a required corrective action plan will be discussed. Should the Board of Directors elect to levy a penalty assessment, which may be assessed monthly until the violation is corrected, this amount is due and payable by the homeowner immediately and it will be added to the homeowner's account.

The following are violations which must be corrected immediately:

  • Visible trash (including discarded appliances) or trash cans (except after 6:00 PM the night before scheduled trash pick up);
  • Containers used to dispose of smokng materials left in the Common Area;
  • Unapproved display of posters, signs or decorations (except for appropriately placed signs to sell or rent the property);
  • Display of decorative,“seasonal”, “friendship” flags;
  • Major repairs of vehicles in Common Area;
  • Commercial vehicles parked (long term) in Common Area;
  • Motor homes or recreational vehicles which are improperly parked or stored;
  • Christmas lights or decorations which are displayed and are visible from Common Area after January 15th (violation of City Ordinance as well);
  • Installation of window or roof-mounted air conditioning units (violation of City Ordinance as well);
  • Clotheslines in patios which are visible from the Common Area or by neighbors.
  • The following are violations which must be corrected within three (3) weeks of notice: o Unacceptable window coverings;

  • Unapproved outside wiring;
  • Storage of construction materials or supplies visible from Common Area;
  • Exterior damage caused by resident;
  • Unapproved/unauthorized structural or architectural changes.
  • (Fines will be levied against the homeowner of record if the resident is a renter or tenant of the homeowner).

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    When a resident, or guest of a resident, is observed or caught in the act of vandalism to Association property, said resident, or guest of a resident shall be subject to disciplinary action by the appropriate law enforcement agency and a possible fine being levied by the Association against the homeowner. If the vandalism has been perpetrated by a resident or a guest of that resident, said resident shall be charged for the costs to repair all damage to Association property. (e.g., broken light globes, broken or damaged sprinkler heads, graffiti, damage to Common Area, etc.)

    If the vandal is a non-resident and is trespassing on Sundance property, the act of vandalism will be considered a criminal offense and the vandal will be turned over to the appropriate law enforcement agency for full prosecution under the law.

    If an act of vandalism is witnessed by a Sundance resident, or the results of an act of vandalism are observed, the resident should contact the appropriate law enforcement agency immediately and then contact the Management Company for repairs.

    Sundance is a Neighborhood Watch community. All suspicious persons or activities should be immediately reported to the Cerritos Sheriff's Station for response. (562-860-0044)

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    Any resident or guest of a resident who is guilty of causing a general nuisance within Sundance will be subject to disciplinary action and a possible fine following a hearing before the Board of Directors. General nuisance may consist, of but is not limited to, loud playing of music which disturbs fellow residents, disruptive activity at the pool or in the Common Area, excessive speeding on Sundance streets, littering of Common Area, persistently barking dog, etc.

    If a guest of a resident is causing a general nuisance then the resident may be subject to a possible fine and hearing.

    A non-resident who is trespassing on Sundance property and is observed causing a general nuisance or disturbance will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency for full prosecution under the law.

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    An observance of "Quiet Hours" is in effect throughout the Sundance community for the general well-being of Sundance residents. "Quiet Hours" within the Sundance community begin at 10:00 PM Sunday through Thursday evenings and end at 6:00 AM the following mornings, and begin at 12:00 midnight on Friday and Saturday and end at 6:00 AM the following mornings. Residents and their guests are expected to observe these "Quiet Hours" in consideration of their neighbors. Violation of "Quiet Hours" is subject to a hearing before the Board of Directors and a possible fine.

    If neighbors complain, excessive noise at other times of the day may also be a violation. (Civil Code 3479)

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    Use of the Clubhouse requires at least 72 hours advance notice to the Clubhouse monitor. The Association takes precedence for any Association business, for government elections, or for special Association functions.

    The Clubhouse is available for rental to Sundance residents ONLY. Relatives or friends of residents (or homeowners who are not residents of Sundance) do not qualify for Clubhouse rental. Reservations for the Clubhouse are accepted on a "first come-first served" basis.

    If there is another reservation for the Clubhouse immediately following yours, you must make arrangements to have the Clubhouse available by 10:00 AM of the following day, or at some other time mutually agreed to between the renters.





    The Sundance resident who signs the Rental Agreement form assumes all risk of loss for damage to the Clubhouse from any cause while the Clubhouse is in said resident's possession, and agrees to return the Clubhouse to the condition in which it was received. The Sundance resident and guests of said resident agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Sundance Homeowners' Association and its Board of Directors for any liability for any and all injuries, disability or death while said guests are on Association property or premises. SAID RESIDENT MUST BE ON THE PREMISES OF THE CLUBHOUSE AT ALL TIMES during the gathering.

    You are asked to bring your guests inside the Clubhouse and turn down the volume of music in compliance with Sundance's “Quiet Hours”. Failure to do so may result in a “visit” from a Sundance Board Member or the Sheriff's Department who may close down your gathering.

    It is understood that the rental fee is non-refundable. Your deposit is fully refundable if there is no damage to the Clubhouse and if the Clubhouse is cleaned (including removing all trash) and left in the same condition as when you took possession.

    Please do not use tacks, nails, staples, etc., when decorating the Clubhouse for your gathering. Use removable tape for this purpose and please remove all decorations (and attaching materials) when you are finished. (This includes any signs you may have posted outside directing people to your gathering.) V. RENTING THE CLUBHOUSE, cont.

    By using the Clubhouse Checklist when you are ready to turn in the keys, the satisfactory condition of the facility is assured and your deposit will be returned.

  • If the Clubhouse is not cleaned, and you choose not to clean it, your deposit will not be returned; rather, it will be used to defray the costs of having the Clubhouse cleaned;

  • If any damage has been done to the Clubhouse while it is in your possession, you will be advised of the damage by the Clubhouse Monitor and your deposit will be retained to defray the costs of repairs or replacements with the balance returned to you. If such repairs or replacements exceed the deposit, you will be billed for the amount over and above.
  • Items brought to the Clubhouse and left there are your responsibility. Due to local fire codes, the Clubhouse doors cannot be padlocked or secured in any way other than the current door locks (crash push bars).

    Renting of the Clubhouse DOES NOT include exclusive use of the swimming pool. Sundance residents and their guests retain their normal rights for pool facility usage. During the summer months (June, July, August) even if a Pool Monitor is on duty, your guests are still your responsibility and the Pool Monitor should not be expected to "watch over" your guests, your guests' children, or your party accessories. It is the host resident's responsibility to make all guests aware of the Rules and Regulations for Sundance and for use of the pool.


    If you do not remove your trash, you will be charged an additional fee for having it removed. Do NOT leave your trash in the pool area containers.

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    It is expected that all users of the pool area facilities will show courtesy and consideration for neighboring residents. Inappropriate conduct or disruptive behavior may result in a fine and will be reported to the Board of Directors, the Management Company or the appropriate law enforcement agency. Such conduct may result in a hearing before the Board of Directors at which time the resident may be required to turn over pool keys and pool privileges may be revoked. Residents who observe such unsuitable conduct or disruptive behavior are asked to contact the Pool Monitor, the Board of Directors, the Management Company or the Sheriff's Department.

  • There is no lifeguard on duty. Swim at your own risk;
  • Clubhouse furniture is not to be brought out into the pool area under any circumstances;
  • Absolutely NO GLASSWARE of any type will be permitted in the pool areas;
  • Food and soft drinks are permitted in unbreakable containers only;
  • Residents and their guests must assure that all trash is disposed of properly before leaving the pool areas;
  • No one is to use the pools or the spa, the rest rooms at either pool or the outdoor shower for personal bathing;
  • For safety reasons, no soap or shampoo is to be used anywhere in the pool areas or in the rest rooms;
  • Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times;
  • No child over seven (7) years of age is permitted in the wading pool;
  • No pets are permitted in the pool areas.
  • The pools and spa in the Sundance community are for the use of eligible residents and their guests ONLY! These rules apply to everyone using the pools and spa, and are to assure the safety and enjoyment of all who use the pools and spa. It is a State Law that all pool gates remain locked at all times. Special care should be taken to assure the pool gates are locked when leaving the pool areas - for everyone's safety and to prevent use of the pools and spa by non-residents.

    When on duty, the Pool Monitor is acting with the full authority of the Board of Directors of Sundance Homeowners' Association. You will be asked to sign a daily roster and present your pool key tag to the Monitor who will verify eligibility against a listing of homeowners/residents. If there is a discrepancy, the Pool Monitor (or a Board Member) has the authority to take your pool key and to ask you to leave until the matter is cleared up. The parking enforcement officers are also empowered to monitor the pool areas to verify eligibility for access.

    Sunday through Thursday the 10:00 PM “Quiet Hours” must be observed. (12:00 midnight Friday and Saturday). The pool areas will be padlocked and checked by Security after these hours, every night. Any person found in the pools or spa after these hours will be challenged and/or arrested.


    Pool games, toys, inflatable or styrofoam floats are allowed ONLY if they do not interfere with others using the pool. In "heavy use" periods, these are not permitted.

    Diving for pennies, keys, or other hard objects is not permitted. Diving from the second story landing or the stairs of the clubhouse is not permitted. VIOLATORS WILL BE EJECTED FROM THE POOL AREA.

    No running, dunking, water fighting or pushing of people into the pool is allowed. No rough or disorderly conduct, loud music, disruptive or unsociable behavior, foul language, inappropriate use of rest rooms or littering will be tolerated!

    No bicycles, skateboards, roller skates (roller blades) or wheeled toys are permitted in the pool areas.

    Pool chairs and lounges must be kept away from the edge of the pool so there is access to the pool in case of an emergency! Pool chairs and lounges are not permitted surrounding the wading pool for safety reasons! Please replace all chairs and lounges before leaving the pool areas.

    Appropriate swimwear must be worn in the pools and in the spa at all times! Cut-offs and other street wear are not considered appropriate. Infants and young children are not permitted in the pool or the wading pool unless wearing swimwear with tight fitting leg openings. Disposable diapers are not permitted!

    Persons with long hair are expected to wear an appropriate bathing cap, or to tie their hair in braids or rubber bands.

    Your pool key is numbered to match the lot number of your property. This is your identification as a Sundance resident and must be shown on demand when using the pool! Residents should be familiar with the hours of the pool's availability and adhere to those hours in consideration of the residents who live near the pools. Residents are asked to securely close the pool gates when entering and exiting the pool areas. Climbing over the fences to gain access to the pool areas is strictly prohibited.

    Any resident, or guest of a resident, who violates these rules will be asked to modify his/her behavior or leave the pool area. Continued problems may result in the revoking of pool privileges until the resident comes before the Board of Directors at a hearing.


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    The Common Area is defined as that area outside of and bordering on the individual lots within the Sundance community. This includes landscaping and the exterior of buildings. (Recreational facilities, parking areas, and vehicle storage areas are covered in other sections herein.)

    If a resident or a guest of a resident is responsible for damage to lawns, trees, shrubs or Common Area property, the resident will be billed for repair or replacement costs. Residents may not arbitrarily make changes to Common Area without approval from the Board of Directors. All Common Areas are to be kept clean and free of litter.

    For safety reasons, bicycles, skateboards, roller skates, wheeled toys, and motor vehicles of any kind are prohibited on the sidewalks, lawns and landscaped areas within Sundance.

    Pedestrians always have the right of way on all sidewalks and streets within Sundance. Riders or drivers must STOP for all pedestrians. Residents are personally liable for any injuries to pedestrians, the cause of which is attributable to the resident. The Association assumes no liability for injuries caused by residents or their guests! All drivers must abide by the speed limit of 10 miles per hour.

    Dogs must be on a leash when outside your home. Animal owners are responsible for their pets and are responsible for removing their pet's waste from any Common Area.

    Violation may result in a fine!

    Trash containers are to be placed outside your garage no earlier than 6:00 PM of the evening before scheduled trash pick up and are to be removed from public view by the end of the evening of that same day. Proper arrangements must be made with the City of Cerritos for pick up of discarded appliances, water heaters, or other oversized trash. Such oversized items must not be left in the Common Area before arrangements have been made and may be put out in the Common Area only on the evening before the scheduled pick up.

    Any exterior change or modification to a residence (patio covers, screen doors, air conditioners, and security lights) MUST HAVE PRIOR APPROVAL FROM THE ARCHITECTURAL COMMITTEE AND THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS. As stated in the CC&Rs, plans must be submitted to the Architectural Committee along with sketches of the proposed change. Approval by the City of Cerritos may also be required. (The City of Cerritos requires a City permit for the installation or replacement of water heaters, dishwashers, internal plumbing fixtures, etc. Check with the City prior to beginning such replacements.)

    The following exterior attachments are NOT permitted:

  • Air conditioning units on the roof, or in walls, windows, or doors (Violation of City Ordinance);
  • Cyclone-type attic vents on the roof (Violation of City Ordinance);
  • Antennas or wiring of any kind on the roof or visible wiring on the exterior of the building;
  • Window awnings;
  • Exterior window shutters;
  • Exterior window sun shades;
  • “Security” screen doors;
  • Plant hangers or brackets attached to exterior structure;
  • “Seasonal”, friendship, decorative flags with attaching hardware;
  • Security company signs permanently attached to structure or displayed in Common Area;
  • Garden hoses left attached to outside spigots (not in patios);
  • Clotheslines in patios which are visible from the Common Area or by neighbors.
  • Signs attached to the garage doors..
  • Pots and planters may be set on exterior pot shelves or on perimeter walls if appropriately maintained by the resident. Water collection dishes are to be placed under all pots placed on wooden pot shelves or on perimeter walls. Pot shelves, fences and gates should be free of all clutter (items such as mats, rugs, etc.)

    Screen doors may be installed only following submittal of a request to the Architectural Committee and approved, in writing, by the Board of Directors.

    Should a resident wish to add new plantings to the common area adjacent to their home, a request must be submitted to the Landscape Committee and the Board of Directors for approval. If approval is given and the resident proceeds with planting, the plantings become the property of the Association but must be maintained by the resident. If a resident doesn't receive Landscape Committee and Board approval prior to planting or if approved plantings are not kept up to the standard of the community, they are subject to being removed.

    Climbing on fences, walls, roofs or trees in the common area is prohibited! Residents will be held responsible for any damage caused by such climbing by residents or their guests. The Association will not be liable for any injuries sustained by anyone climbing on fences, walls, roofs or trees.

    No signs, notices, or other advertising devices are to be posted anywhere within Sundance (including signs placed on mailboxes) without prior approval, except for those mentioned in the CC&Rs which allow “For Sale” or “For Rent” signs of reasonable size. “Sold” signs may be posted, but must be removed within one week of the close of escrow. Before an election, residents may put up signs endorsing a candidate or endorsing or opposing a ballot proposition, but only in a window or between the resident's unit and the sidewalk. Such signs must be removed within three days after the election. Security company signs may be discreetly posted inside windows but may not be displayed in Common Areas or on the exterior of the structure. Real estate signs which require large wooden posts may NOT be posted on Sundance property.

    Residents should prompltly remove advertisements, phone books, etc., from their front door steps, door knobs, walkways or driveways.

    Personal use items such as toys, basketball hoop, pool flotation items, etc., should not be left in the COmmon Area.

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    For single story units, the maximum height for all patio trees and shrubs should be 12 feet. For two story units, the limit is to the middle of the second floor windows Trees, bushes and shrubs should not be allowed to grow against the walls of buildings. Vines should not be allowed to attach themselves to the walls or fences. These limintations are meant to maintain the condition of the paint, walls and fneces.

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    Parking space is a limited asset and the cooperation of everyone is necessary to assure there is adequate parking available for residents and their guests; and access for emergency vehicles to get in and out of the Sundance community. Each homeowner has been allotted two (2) parking spaces within individual garages and some homeowners have additional parking space on extended driveways. These assets must be fully utilized before consideration will be given for parking in “guest parking” spaces. This section discusses the priorities for establishing which types of vehicles are qualified to park overnight in the available guest parking spaces and the monthly fee charged for this privilege. It also addresses options for a household's additional vehicles, oversized vehicles, RV parking spaces, as well as parking regulations.

    Garages may NOT be used to operate or conduct a business of any kind, or to conduct “garage sales”. Garages are intended for storage of two (2) resident vehicles and personal belongings only! Garages may not be partitioned, sectioned or otherwise rearranged so as to prevent the parking of two (2) normally sized vehicles within. Garages may NOT be used as living quarters. Nor may they be used for warehousing purposes if they inhibit the parking of two (2) vehicles. Storage of hazardous materials of any kind is prohibited.

    All vehicles which are parked or stored within Sundance garages must be parked so that the garage door can be completely closed. Any vehicle which is parked overnight in parking areas designated as '”guest parking” without either a permanent parking sticker affixed to their windshield or the vehicle being safe listed will recieve a citation from the Sundance parking patrol. Upon a third citation in 90 days for unauthorized parking, the cited vehicle is subject to towing at the owner's expense.

    Visiting RV's, boats, etc. may be parked on city streets in compliance with the City of Cerritos' ordinances and the issuing of a temporary parking sticker by the City of Cerritos.

    Transverse parking in garage access aprons is prohibited. ALL streets in Sundance are “fire lanes”. Parking on Sundance “fire lanes” is prohibited unless such parking is short term (loading or unloading of vehicle). Residents or guests, who park their vehicles in Sundance fire lanes unattended, are subject to towing at owner's expense.

    No major vehicle repairs of any kind are to undertaken in the Sundance streets or common areas. Any vehicle which appears to be uncared for, inoperable or abandoned may be subject to towing at the owner's expense.

    Extraordinary situations not covered above, should be brought to the attention of the Management Company or a member of the Board of Directors for resolution.

    A. Permanent parking permits for parking overnight in spaces designated as “Guest Parking”

    All permanent parking permits must be approved by the Board of Directors. The number of permanent parking permits may be limited at the discretion of the Board of Directors. To obtain a permanent parking sticker for additional vehicles, both of the garaged vehicles must be registered to the resident's address.

    Permanent parking permits must be renewed annually and may be obtained from the Management Company. Permits expire each January 1st, with a grace period ending January 15th, of the same year. A monthly fee will be charged for each permanent parking permit. Parking permits are only valid for “vehicles registered to that permit” at the Management Company. Permit(s) must be returned to the Management Company annually in order to receive a new permit. RV's and commercial vehicles are not eligible for permanent parking permits, but are eligible to park in the RV lot. Commercial vehicles are NOT ELIGIBLE to be issued a permanent parking permit (such vehicles are described as those which display company logos, phone numbers, lettering or advertisements, exterior racks, ladders or tools, etc.)

    Owners must park commercial vehicles within their garage or obtain a permit for parking within the RV area. Vehicles temporarily parked while making a delivery or performing a service are allowed, providing the driver is available to move the vehicle, if required.

    B. Temporary parking passes for parking overnight in Designated “Guest Parking” areas

    Residents or their guests who need to park a vehicle in parking areas designated for guest parking on a temporary basis may do so by safe listing the vehicle with the security patrol company or the Management Company. This privilege is limited to 10 days within a 90-day period unless more time is approved by a member of the bpard of Directors or the Management Company.

    All parking must be done within designated spaces which are clearly marked for such purpose. Under no circumstances are temporary or permanent parking passes deemed as authority to park any vehicle on Sundance streets which have been designated as “fire lanes” by the City of Cerritos. Any resident or guest, who requires a safe listing for a period of more than four (4) weeks, must obtain a permanent parking permit.

    A vehicle may be “safe listed” online or by calling the Association's security company as listed in the monthly newsletter. Safe listing is not to be used repetitively, in lieu of a permanent parking permit. If a vehicle is not moved every 72 hours, the vehicle is subject to citation or towing. A vehicle can be safe listed if the resident is out of town beyound the 72-hour limit.

    C. Recreational Vehicle Parking Area

    Residents may apply for a parking space(s) for RV-type vehicles according to the guidelines established by the Board of Directors. RV parking must be renewed annually through the Management Company. Space rental expires each January 1st with a grace period ending January 15th, of the same year. A monthly fee and a key deposit, to be established by the Board of Directors, will be charged for each RV.

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    The Board of Directors is constantly faced with questions regarding responsibility for maintenance of areas within Sundance. Therefore, in an effort to clarify this subject, the Board of Directors has approved and issued the following policy statement that outlines the maintenance responsibilities of the homeowner and of the Association. This policy is based on the CC&Rs of the Sundance Homeowners' Association and California Civil Code, Sections 1351 and 1364:

    MAINTENANCE RESPONSIBILITIES OF ASSOCIATION (except in the case of damage by resident or homeowner):

  • Roofs and roof vents;
  • Gutters;
  • Downspouts;
  • Chimney spark arresters;
  • Exterior building surfaces (painting, stucco, siding, trim);
  • Exterior termites (eaves, fascia, etc.);
  • Fences;
  • Fence caps (except when resident chooses to place potted plants on caps; then maintenance responsibility becomes homeowner's.)

  • Patios (including drainage) and patio covers;
  • Patio gates;
  • All exterior doors, (front, garage, utility, screen) including door frames and hardware in a manner reflective of their original condition or in accordance with the current, approved specifications;
  • Windows (including frames and hardware);
  • Balconies;
  • Pot shelves (window boxes);
  • Chimneys (interior);
  • Exterior and interior light fixtures;
  • Exterior and interior faucets;
  • Interior termites and those found on exterior items which are homeowner responsibility (balconies, pot shelves, door jambs, etc.)
  • Keeping screen doors free of all trapped papers and advertisements;

  • Garage Door Replacement: If still present on the unit, the original wood garage door (or similar wood garage door) must be replaced permanently with the Association's currently approved replacement garage door as a condition of the property's sale. Replacement shall be completed within 60 days following the closing of escrow.

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