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Welcome to Sundance Homeowner's Association

<<< Board Meeting & Election Meeting >>>
Tuesday, January 6, 2014
6:00 PM at the Clubhouse.

Sundance HOA December Newsletter

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Sundance Welcome Newsletter

This Newsletter is for our new residents packed with useful information.

If you're not sure who to contact, email your question or concern to and we'll make sure it gets to the right contact person. To report any suspisous activities call the Sheriff's office at 860-0044.


Re-scheduled Board Members Election - January 6th

A quorum was not reached at the membership meeting as we were short by about 11 ballots. The first meeting for 2015 will be held on TUESDAY, JAN. 6TH, at 6:00 pm. Those who have not yet turned in a ballot may still do so. If a homeowner needs a ballot, they can contact Transpacific Mgmt or any Board member. Homeowners do not have to vote but may instead submit the 3 year quorum only proxy form to help us reach our required quorum count in order to proceed with the election.

Click here for the 3 Year Quorum Only Proxy form

New Pool Keys Should Now Be Used

Both pool gate locks, restroom locks and spa key have all been changed to our new Medeco keys. In order to use any of these facilities the new keys that were handed out must be used. The old keys will no longer work so they may be discarded. For those homeowners who have not yet picked up their new keys, they are available at the The Management Trust - Transpacific office at 12607 Hiddencreek Way, Suite R, Cerritos, Monday thru Friday 9am to 4pm except holidays.

2015 parking stickers

Any resident who needs a 2015 parking sticker renewal applications must submit the application form at the The Management Trust - Transpacific office at 12607 Hiddencreek Way, Suite R, Cerritos, Monday thru Friday 9am to 4pm except holidays.
Click here for the application form

Illegal activities reported around our Sundance community

A number of homeowners reported at the November board meeting that there are people loitering around portions of the Sundance community late at night and early morning hours. It is suspected that there are drug activities occurring. If you see this or any activity that you think might be illegal or disturbing the peace, please call the Sheriff’s office at 860-0044. Don’t be shy about calling the Sheriff. The more calls they receive the sooner they will realize there is a real problem to be dealt with.

Holiday Cite and Tow Moratorium

There's a Holiday cite and tow moratorium for overnight parking for your Holiday visitor’s convenience. The Holiday moratorium is from Nov. 22 thru Nov 30 and from Dec. 13 thru Jan 6. During these periods only, cars parked overnight will not be towed so there will be no need to contact Patrol One to safelist the vehicles. However, be aware that vehicles cannot park in the fire lanes as that will still be safety violation that triggers an automatic tow.

Theft of Delivered Packages Reported

Now that we are approching the Holidays, we are starting to get reports of several packages that were stolen off of front door porches. The thieves follow UPS and FedX trucks and steal packages after they are dropped off at the front or back doors of a residence. If you know you will be recieving a package, arrange with the carrier to either hold it for pick up or leave it with a neighbor that will be home.

If you see any suspious activity, contact the Sheriff's office at 860-0044

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