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Welcome to Sundance Homeowner's Association

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Monday, November 3, 2014
6:00 PM at the Clubhouse.


Sundance HOA October Newsletter

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Sundance Welcome Newsletter

This Newsletter is for our new residents packed with useful information.

If you're not sure who to contact, email your question or concern to and we'll make sure it gets to the right contact person. To report any suspisous activities call the Sheriff's office at 860-0044.


Roof Maintenance Work

Lang Roofing began performing roof maintenance work this month to replace broken tiles or re-glue existing tiles. They have completed all the roof debris/leave and pin needle removal but still need to perform the low slope maintenance work as well as the tile replacement. They began work on the west end of the association and have worked east towards Bloomfield and will do the same with the tile repairs.

As they are go throughout the association they are making efforts to knock on the doors of each unit to ask permission to enter and clean up any roofing debris, which may have been blown into the patios. If the homeowner is not home they will not access their private property. They are happy and willing to go back to any unit which gives permission to clean up, just let the management company know if they need to return to your unit.

They will continue to be on site for the next couple of weeks so please be watchful of workers on the roofs and their ladders along buildings.

New Pool Keys to be Distributed

The new Pool keys have been received that will replace the current pool keys.

The Pool keys will be distributed to homeowners in early November. Tentative dates are November 1st & 2nd, November 3rd before the start of the Board Meeting and November 8th and 9th. The Management Trust Company will be mailing letters with the final distribution dates as well as instructions on picking up the keys.

The new keys will have the unit lot number to identify the owner of the keys. This will help Patrol One assure that only Sundance residents are using our pool.

General Election November 4th

The Sundance Clubhouse will be once again used this year as a polling place for the General Election. All Sundance residents should have the Clubhouse designated as your polling place in your ballot. If it is not and would like to get it changed, please contact Peggy Paddock at (562) 802-2194.

Theft of Delivered Packages Reported

Now that we are approching the Holidays, we are starting to get reports of several packages that were stolen off of front door porches. The thieves follow UPS and FedX trucks and steal packages after they are dropped off at the front or back doors of a residence. If you know you will be recieving a package, arrange with the carrier to either hold it for pick up or leave it with a neighbor that will be home.

If you see any suspious activity, contact the Sheriff's office at 860-0044

Free Wi-Fi access available at the Clubhouse and Large Pool

The Sundance Board of Directors have made arrangements to have a internet router installed to provide Free WiFi access at the Clubhouse and the large pool area. The WiFi access may not be available during the Board meetings.

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